FG Blog Entry #2

Theme:            Self Regard – Assessing Strengths


Twitter Quote:    “To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.Denis Waitley


A big thank you to all of you who showed up at the Smart Start Launch of the Online First Generation Success Coaching with me yesterday! It was a great turn out with such a great group!


“…concentrate on our successes…” It sounds easier than in really is, but it just takes a bit of practice to shift your focus! Often when we find ourselves in stressful situations, like starting a college program, our brains can naturally fall into a “fight or flight response” pattern which can cause us to focus on our negative thoughts. This would be a good thing if you were running away from something dangerous…then you really should think negatively and run! But…school stress can bring on a similar response, but in this case you are focusing on your failures in the attempt to prepare for the worst. This does not tend to help students be successful. Focusing on what you do well, what you have been successful at in the past and what experience you bring to the classroom, helps you to lower your stress levels which then boosts your brain function; and then, like magic, you are able to remember more and learn more efficiently. Focusing on your success can help you in social situations to be more comfortable sharing the good things about yourself and being truly interested in the lives of others at the same time. A success focus can build the right level of confidence that is communicated to potential employers in job interviews. Going into a job interview focusing on your failures is not the right frame of mind needed to communicate why they should hire you.


Negative thinking leads to stress, which leads to a sluggish brain…so focus on what you do well today!


Today…take a moment to write down 3-5 successes that you have had in your life and in every situation today think about how those successes have led you to where you are today…a college student!

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