Success Coaching @ Mohawk College Blog Entry #14

Theme: Stress Tolerance – preparing for midterms and due dates

Twitter Quote:

It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.



When you started this semester, you were probably like I am, making all sorts of plans about how you are going to stay on track this year, do all your reading, go to all your classes and make a plan and stick to it. This semester was going to be different!! I have done this every year of my academic life. Every year I make ambitious plans, at a safe distance from the trenches of mounting due dates and struggle once everything is due. As we get further into October, the pressure begins to build for most students. This is the time dig in, be brave and take on the challenging part of your semester!!!


Today…take a moment to organize yourself. Create a monthly calendar and write down all the due dates of assignments, dates of quizzes/tests, chapters that need to be read and so on. A monthly calendar helps you to “see” what your day, week, month and semester looks like at a glance. From this monthly plan, you can create your weekly “To Do” list. Once you make a plan, it really seems less scary and more manageable!  


Remember to sign up for the eLearn modules by emailing me. I have more hints, tips and tricks that can help you stretch and grow in the area of Stress Tolerance. Come on! Join me in this “become the best version of you” journey!


Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

FG Success Coach @ Mohawk College

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