Success Coaching @ Mohawk College Blog Entry #16

Theme: Impulse Control – Maintaining your self confidence in difficult times. 

Twitter Quote: “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”  Robert Frost 

eLearn Module: Impulse Control

I have said it before…this time in the academic year is a difficult one! There are so many things pulling on a student’s limited time. What I see is so many students trying to do everything as if it was a first priority. Trying to work more than 20 hours/week, trying to balance a personal life, making sure that their family obligations are taken care of and squeezing a full time course load in the middle of this. What I find very sad it that many students are doing an amazing job at keeping all the “balls in the air” but still define themselves as a failure because they are not achieving at a “perfect” level. Sometimes we lose sight of what we are doing well and try and live by standards that are not only too high, but unreasonable. You have then set yourself up for failure because no matter what you do, you will not be successful in your eyes. Instead living in a painful state, adjust your “success lens”. This is not considered lowering your standards; this is how successful people operate.


Today…take an inventory of all of your life responsibilities and obligations. Think about how you define success in these areas. Is this reasonable? Have you defined success in all of these areas as if you only had that obligation and no others? If you have, this is unreasonable. You need to adjust what you think success is in each area as you add other areas of responsibility. Try to achieve a success balance while maintaining the ability to achieve those goals.


Balance your life and regain your self confidence!


Remember to sign up for the eLearn modules by emailing me. I have more hints, tips and tricks that can help you stretch and grow in the area of Impulse Control. Come on! Join me in this “become the best version of you” journey!


Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

Success Coach @ Mohawk College

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