Success Coaching @ Mohawk College Blog Entry #27

Theme: Self Regard

Twitter Quote: “Be content to seem what you really areMarcus Aurelius

To learn More about building your Self Regard…check out this eLearn Module:  

  • Self Regard

Welcome to 2012 and a brand new start both academically and personally! Okay, this is going to be your semester. You are going to be a successful student. You know, more than half the battle of becoming a successful student is figuring out who you are and what works best for you. The other half is making a plan and FOLLOWING THROUGH! Really make an effort to follow me on my blog this semester to learn more about your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills and abilities. Take time to learn how to build your skills through the eLearn modules that are linked to the blog topic. THIS is the first step in knowing yourself as a person and becoming a successful student. Face it, you have already made it through the biggest hurdle; you have been accepted to college. Congratulations! You are smart enough to do well. The difference between successful students and unsuccessful students is “doing the work”.

Doing the work means, showing up to all of your classes, reading through the assigned material, handing in your assignments on time; and, most importantly, building your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills! Take the time to build your Stress Management skills, Self Regard, Problem Solving abilities, Optimism, setting achievable goals and so on. Building your EQ is what will make the difference between being an unsuccessful and successful student this semester.  

“Be content to seem what you really are” fits so well with the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Once you figure out how YOU operate and what works best for you, success comes more easily because you are working with your strengths and abilities and not trying to be someone else. I am now very aware that I tend to procrastinate a bit, but I learned early on as a student that if I just push myself hard to live by the mantra “work first play later” I enjoy my play time even more! I often leave things to the last minute, or so it appears, but it is my process to gather information along the way, think about it, figure out how I want to approach it and then get started with the final product when there is no more time. Yes, this can be stressful, but I now know that I will get it done and this is just who I am and how I operate. Knowing this, works for me. I encourage you to follow this blog weekly and take the time to learn more through the modules and work with your skills and build them even stronger!

Today…take a peek through all the eLearn modules to see if there is a particular area that you would like to build in yourself. We all have areas of EQ to build, find yours and work toward building your academic success skills!! 

I look forward to your feedback this semester! 

Remember to sign up for the eLearn modules by clicking on the SELF REGISTRATION link on your eLearn home page. I have more hints, tips and tricks that can help you stretch and grow in the area of Self Regard. Come on! Join me in this “become the best version of “you” journey!

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

Success Coach @ Mohawk College

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