12 Things that Happy People Do Differently

#1 Express Gratitude

When you take a moment to notice and appreciate what you have, what you do have increases in value.  Also, taking time to recall what is going well in your life and the positive aspects makes you fall under the spell of the psychological phenomena “The Recency Effect”. You are able to recall and use information that comes at the end of a list rather than the middle. If you have been focusing on the negative aspects of your life that is what you remember most. It is hard to be happy if you are not even aware of what there is in your life to be happy about and grateful for! Tell someone else what you are grateful for because taking time to tell or teach others helps us process the information better.

Source:Lyubomirsky, S. (2002). Why are some people happier than others? The role of cognitive and motivational processes in well-being. American Psychologist, 56, 239-249.

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