12 Things that Happy People Do Differently

#10 Happy People Savour Life’s Joys

Happiness cannot exist without slowing down to “enjoy the joy”. Taking time to smell those proverbial roses! I know, I hear you…it is hard to savour when you are trying to survive and wade through knee high academic and life demands. “But research suggests we don’t always use the best strategies to feel good. In fact some strategies heighten good feelings and overall satisfaction, while others can reduce them” (Quoidbach et al. (2010) on PsyBlog). Taking the time to savour, could possibly give you the energy and ability to be more successful at navigating all your life demands.

Try it out…even just a moment a day…

Check out some tips from my favourite Social Psychologist Blogger…

4 Life-Savouring Strategies: Which Ones Work Best?

  1. Showing you’re happy

  2. Being present

  3. Celebrating

  4. Using positive mental time travel


Read more about the 4 Life Savouring Strategies on Dr. Jeremy Dean’s Blog: PsyBlog

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