Success Coaching @ Mohawk College Blog Entry #39

Theme: Perseverance

eLearn Module: Impulse Control

Twitter Quote:

“It matters if you just don’t give up” – Steven Hawking, PhD

It is exam season and sometimes the stress can become so overwhelming that students stop trying. It is just 2 weeks and then all is done. It is so important to pull all your motivation together and persevere through this very short time…and then relax after all your hard work!


Think about applying these three guiding principles in your life:  a sense of personal Responsibility, a better perspective on Motivation, and work on developing an Open Mind around how you see yourself being successful.

  1. Responsibility it is easy to avoid persevering if you blame everyone and everything around you for why you are not able to get your work done. So explore different ways to take responsibility for your own actions, and attempt to find creative ways to achieve your goals and move around the barriers. Study in a different location if your house is too noisy or ask for help if you do not understand a concept from your class.  When you blame others, you give up your power to change and succeed.
  2. Motivation: Defining your purpose should drive your motivation. Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each small step you take, you will find that you “get on a roll” and before you know it you are done! Just remember that you are in school for you and your future. The hard work now is worth it!
  3. Open mind: Having an open mind essentially means that you become mindful and aware of the times when you are jumping to conclusions. The biggest mistake that students make during exam season, because of stress, is to assume and believe that they CAN’T do something. Stress often leads you to focus on the negative, the things that you have not done well. The best indicator of future success is past performance…so focus on what you have done well!!


Good luck on all your semester wrap up and exams! It does matter that you just don’t give up. It matters to you, your career and the life that you will have created for yourself.


Remember to sign up for the eLearn modules by clicking on the SELF REGISTRATION link on your eLearn home page. Take the Impulse Control Questionnairefrom the eLearn Module under the same name and check out the rest of the module because I have more hints, tips and tricks that can help you stretch and grow in the area of Impulse Control. Come on! Join me in this “become the best version of “you” journey!


Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

Success Coach @ Mohawk College


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