Success Coaching @ Mohawk College – Weekly Study Skill Tip #2

Study Skill Theme: Goal Setting

Creating Goal Statements: Writing Your Goals in the Form of a Question

Last week I talked about SMART Goals. This week I am proposing a quick and easy strategy for increasing the chances that your set goals can be achieved. Try writing down your goals and then write the same goal in the form of a question.

For Example…

“I plan to read all of my assigned text book chapters each week to keep up with my workload”

Rephrase as a question…

“How will I read all of my assigned readings each week?”

Why do this?

Answering this question will help you arrange your life so that you can achieve this goal. “I will read 1 hour per day before classes start’, “I will work very hard to get my work done at school before I go home because I am more motivated while on campus”, “I will write out a reading schedule, each week, with chapter assignments, and work through this plan each week”, etc.

For personalized help…

Remember you can always book an appointment with a Mohawk Counsellor if you need more personalized assistance! call 905-575-2211 or come down to “The Square” (C102) on the Fennell Campus.

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling)

  Success Coach & Counsellor @ Mohawk College

  Mohawk College – Fennell Campus – “The Square” C102

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