Success Coaching @ Mohawk College – Success Tip #45

Theme: Keeping on Track

Twitter Quote:

Courage is resistance to fear; mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Mark Twain

eLearn Module: Impulse Control

Why this skill is important…

Attending classes during the summer months can sometimes be really hard. It is nice outside, the sun is shining and you would probably rather be outside than sitting inside in a classroom.  You may have already starting skipping classes and maybe even starting to avoid going back because you are embarrassed, worried about what the professor may think or feeling too overwhelmed and far behind.  Please don’t quit! Face the fear. Just start by making a plan and developing your strategy for getting back on track. I have seen many students get back on track and it is VERY possible.

My advice…

Plan to work a little and play a little each day. You need balance. If you have a plan that gets you caught up by breaking it down to daily manageable “to-do” lists, when you are in “play” mode, please let go of all your thoughts like, “I should be studying”. If you keep putting pressure on yourself in your downtime, you really are not having any downtime at all. Don’t “should” on yourself 😉 You need a balance between work and play for you to manage your impulse to just avoid it alland procrastinate. If you have a plan and your “should be studying” thoughts start…say to yourself “I have a plan and if I follow this plan, I will get caught up”.

Face your academic fears by keeping a balance this week!

If you are interested in further working on building your skill and strengths in the area of Impulse Control, check out my Impulse Control Module in eLearn under “SuccessCoaching @ MohawkCollege”!

You know you want to be successful, and I know you can be…come on, follow me on Twitter, ask me questions, come visit me at the Fennell Campus J

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling)

Success Coach & Counsellor @ Mohawk College

Fennell Campus – “The Square” – C102

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