Success Coaching @ Mohawk College – Weekly Study Skill Tip #3

Active Learning – “One Minute Paper”

Here is a really quick and easy way to check what you have learned, what you need understand better and what questions you may need to ask your professor or classmates.

Next Steps:

Use a few minutes at the end of class to answer the following questions in writing:

  • What was the most important thing I learned today?
  • What important question(s) remain(s) unanswered?

Why do this…

These questions generate and enhance your learning process and provide you with feedback on your understanding of the subject material. AND it’s really easy!


Keep these “one minute papers” because they make a great little study guide for tests and exams.


You can always book an appointment with a counsellor for more personalized assistance with your study skills and strategies by calling 905-575-2211 or coming down to “The Square – C102” on the Fennell Campus and booking an appointment.

Your Coach,

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling)

Success Coach & Counsellor @ Mohawk College

Mohawk College – Fennell Campus – “The Square” C102

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