Success Coaching @ Mohawk College – Weekly Study Skill Tip #5

Study Environment – “Creating the Most Productive Environment”

Next Steps…

Identify a ‘study space’ where the bulk of your time spent in the same space is used solely for study purposes; even if this just a small corner of your apartment, or a specific spot at your kitchen table. The important thing to remember is that this space is only used for studying. After a week of using the same space for the same activity (to study), your body will associate that space with studying, and will help you focus.

Why do this…

If you try and study in a space that has other purposes such as watching TV or sleeping, you will tend to watch TV or sleep because that can be so much more fun or easy than studying 🙂


You can always book an appointment with a counsellor for more personalized assistance with your study skills and strategies by calling 905-575-2211 or coming down to “The Square – C102” on the Fennell Campus and booking an appointment.

Your Success Coach,

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling)

Success Coach & Counsellor @ Mohawk College

Mohawk College – Fennell Campus – “The Square” C102

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