Weekly Study Tip: Work First Play Later!

One of the most important things I learned in school was to get my homework done first and then go out with friends. This was very hard to learn, but was so worthwhile! Wanting to do homework was definitely not natural for me; I would way rather be with my friends.

Why do this? 

Why this was a helpful strategy is because when I was with my friends I could really relax and fully enjoy my “down time”. If I had work to do, and procrastinated, I was never really able to relax. Having a balance between the demands of school and time with friends is so important to your success. You need to let your brain relax once in a while so that it can do its job better.


Find interesting and fun study spots that you look forward to studying in. I love café’s and interesting spots on campus. Follow me on Instagram this semester! I will be putting up fun places, on and off campus, for you to try out. Try to make it as fun as it can be so that you don’t completely dread it.

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