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Emotional Intelligence: Procrastination – Why You Do it…

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow

by evading it today” – Abraham Lincoln

Starting today, I will be blogging about Procrastination. On Mondays I will link it to fostering your Emotional Intelligence and Wednesdays will be dedicated to building skills to deal with procrastination.

Often the reasons we put off tasks can be linked to fears of failure, being unfamiliar with success, avoiding that which controls us and so on. There are many reasons people procrastinate. Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about all these different reasons to help you figure out what your procrastination triggers or precursors are and strategies to address your procrastinating. For today, I leave you with three guiding questions. These three questions can help us to move through being stuck and get on with it.

Ask Yourself a Few Hard Questions

Where are you now? 

What is in the way? 

Where do you need to go? 

Most people tend to jump right into ‘Where do you need to go?’ versus really looking at the obstacles and dealing with them directly. This is just the start. Keep these questions in mind as I explore “What is in the way?” and learn how to get yourself moving through those barriers.

Your Success Coach,

Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

Success Coach * Professor * Counsellor

Mohawk College-Fennell Campus-“The Square“-C102/20

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