Are You a Procrastinator?

Procrastinator is a negative label that so many people use; often it is not what describes their behaviour at all. Waiting until the last minute to get an assignment done, does not necessary make you a procrastinator. Leaving something to the last minute and not handing it in could mean that procrastination is a problem for you.

People have different personality types; which also means that they have different preferences in terms of how they get things done. Some people prefer to be scheduled, methodical and have clear plans; other people prefer to be flexible, open-ended and prefer that their plans are left to unfold. Both approaches are good; they just have different ways of getting stuff done. Some people prefer to get things done ahead of time; others feel energized by last minute pressures. Both are good; just different approaches. provides an excellent quiz to determine if you are a Procrastinator

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Next week, I will provide an assessment that will help you to determine the underlying reasons why you procrastinate. Once you know some of the reasons, it will be easier to target the problem and work on solutions. I will be introducing strategies to cope with the many underlying reasons for procrastination.

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Heather Drummond, M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

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