Quick Learning Strategy Tip! A Simple Mindset that Encourages Long-Term Memory

Learn it Like You Will Be Teaching it!

Recent research by Nestojko, Bui, Kornell & Bjork (2014) explored the effect a mindset can have on learning. What they found is that people who are learning new information with the intention of teaching it to someone else retained more information that those who where just learning it for a test.

The Researchers Explain…

“When compared to learners expecting a test, learners expecting to teach recalled more material correctly, they organized their recall more effectively and they had better memory for especially important information.The immediate implication is that the mindset of the student before and during learning can have a significant impact on learning, and that positively altering a student’s mindset can be effectively achieved through rather simple instructions.”

For you PsychNerds like me, this is called “Relational Processing”. This is yet more research supporting that we often function better as connected human beings.


When you are studying today, think about teaching what you have learned to someone else. Focus on the main points that you would need to tell the other person so that they understand. Try it! This is a super easy way to make your studying easier and more effective.

Your mindset can help to decrease the amount of times that you need to go over the material to learn it.

Less study time = More time for fun!

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Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD Counselling Psychology

Success Coach * Professor * Counsellor

Mohawk College, Fennel Campus, The Square – C102/20


Source: Nestojko, J. F., Bui, D. C., Kornell, N., and Bjork, E. L. (2014) Expecting to teach enhances learning and organization of knowledge in free recall text passages. Memory & Cognition, 42(7), 1038-1048

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