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Tips for Surviving Exam Week

IMG_3456Perspective is the Key:

Yes, exam week is painful but it is not impossible to make it through successfully. Perspective is everything in successful survival. Exam week is pain is short term. Create an image of how great you will feel, and what life will be like, the moment you write your last exam. Relief….Freedom…Time with Friends…Rest….create a full image for yourself. THIS is what you are working toward; this is why you are in pain now.

“Will Work Hard for Freedom!”

 Work First Play Later:




Emotional Self-Awareness:

H: Hungry

A: Angry

L: Lonely

T: Tired

HALT! Stop! If you are feeling any of these. Go and eat something, find a way to deal with the anger, socialize or take a rest break. Student are more likely to give up, drop out or make any other irrational decision in these states.

Social Studying:


You are not alone, please reach out if you need to!

I would love to hear from you.

Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD (Counselling Psychology)

Coach * Professor * Relentless Advocate for Student Success
Mohawk College – Fennell Campus – “The Square” – C102
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