Part 3: New Years Resolutions: Understanding Your Personality When Setting Achievable Goals


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It looks like you are still interested in achieving your New Year’s Resolution Goals. Well done! If you have made it this far, with setbacks and perceived failures, and are still pushing forward, you have made it through the most difficult hurdle of goal completion; realizing that you are human. No one is perfect, you learn so much from setbacks, this is not the time to stop pursuing your goals.

Understanding your personality temperament can be so helpful in designing goals and strategies that work with you rather than against you. The Myers-Briggs Personality Temperament Assessment (MBTI) is a strengths based wonderful tool that helps people to understand more about personal motivation, procrastination, personal decision-making style, the root cause of stress and so much more. I would like to focus on one of the 4 scales on the MBTI that is most relevant to goal setting, the Judging-Perceiving Scale (J-P).

Decide Which One Has the Most

Descriptors That Sound Like You…

Judging (J) – I prefer to be…

  1. Scheduled
  2. Organize their lives
  3. Systematic
  4. Methodical
  5. Make short-term and long-term plans
  6. Like to have things decided
  7. Try to avoid last-minute pressures

Perceiving (P)  I prefer to be…

  1. Spontaneous
  2. Flexible
  3. Casual
  4. Open-Ended
  5. Adapt, change course
  6. Like things loose and open to change
  7. Feel energized by last minute pressures

Which One Sounds More Like You?

If you are more of a J, when setting goals, you need to have an organized system, with defined stages of success, a specific timeline that fits your life and you need to use the organization tools available (technical or “old school” paper). When you feel “out of control”, go back to your roots; take the time needed to get organized again and you will likely feel a renewed energy and heightened ability to tackle your goals. The S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting System would work very well for you!

If you are more of a P, when setting goals, you need to have “wiggle room” in your schedule. Don’t plan every minute of your day, allow for spontaneous adventures and experiences. If you allow for it, you feel less guilty when you follow the tangent and you will likely feel more energized having followed it. If you have allowed and “planned” for the unplanned, you can get right back on track without losing your achievement drive. When using the S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting System make sure you don’t over-plan or over-commit.

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