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Emotional Self Awareness: What Your Emotions Are Telling You

brain-gearssm“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”

Madame Curie – Nobel Prize in Physics 1903

Everyone has a wonderful communication system that tells them what they need to know about themselves; what they need to avoid, how to handle their stressful situations and just what is overall best for them. Emotions! Sometimes emotions can seem so nasty, sometimes very pleasant; it all depends on how they are being interpreted by you. Most people spend their lives reacting to emotional information, usually in a way that is negative for them, which sometimes causes people to fear certain emotional states. Think about times where you were angry, afraid, overwhelmed, and happy; what were those emotions telling you about yourself? Your situation? Did you feel fear because you were not sure that you could handle a difficult situation? Were you happy because you were in a situation that allowed you to feel good about yourself and your abilities? Did you feel angry because you felt trapped and did not know how to solve a situation? Emotions are great little communicators…if you listen to the message. They can let you know that you need to change, to take a different approach or to look for opportunities to use your strengths instead of forcing yourself to work constantly with your deficits. When you select an academic program that is a good fit for you, most students tend to feel a sense of “Flow”; everything feels easy or, at least, in the realm that success possible. Emotions are not to be feared, but rather understood. It is the key to knowing what you need and how to become the best version of you.


…take a moment to think about what your emotions are telling you. The best place to start is to think about when you are feeling angry, ask yourself what is happening in my life? What am I not addressing or solving? If you are feeling happy…ask yourself the same. Sometimes people can become frozen and unable to face difficulties because the emotions feel so overwhelming. If you know more about yourself, often you can face the difficulties by using, and relying, on your strengths.

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