Staying on Track: Creating a Grade Calculator to Curb Denial

canon-xmark1-calculator-5393153-oOk, prepare yourself for some serious excitement! I know that you have been waiting for this blog since I announced it last week. Seriously, who wouldn’t be excited about the cool things that you can do with Excel?!?! 😉

This is what a grade calculator can do for you:

*You always know where you stand.

*You can make decisions regarding how much time to spend on a course, on an assignment or studying for a test based upon the weight or if you need to raise your grade.

Step 1: 

I have created a template in Excel for you to create your own Grade Calculator. Feel free to download it: Grade Calculator

Step 2:

Create one Grade Calculator for each course that you have and keep them all in the same Excel file.

Step 3:

At the beginning of the semester enter all of the assignments, quizzes, papers, etc. into the grade calculators. Make sure that you put the date that the item is due and how much % weight it is worth to your final grade.

Step 4:

Play with it! You can enter the grades that you are hoping for to see what you need to reach your final goal grade. This helps you to gage how hard you need to work on an assignment and create a healthy balance amongst all of the competing demands on your time.

Grade Calculator Graphic


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