Summer Semester…Ugh! 5 Simple Strategies to Keep You on Track


“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.”  – John Keats

So many competing fun things to do in the summer and homework generally does not win the competition! Going to school in the summer can feel really weird; feeling like you are the only one going to school. Often when it gets too hot, students would rather stay in bed, in a glorious air conditioned room; or would rather go out with friends. Summer school means homework on the weekends…ugh…much different than a summer job that has specific hours.

So…what to do, what to do…

5 Simple Strategies to Help Keep You on Track

  1. Reward Yourself : make sure that you create a balance of school work and fun so that you don’t feel like you are completing missing out on all the summer fun your friends are having. Plan for time for both. This is so important in maintaining focus and motivation. Give your brain a rest and it will reward you with memory capacity!
  2. Time Management: the best time management tool that you can use here is a Mind Set approach. “Work First Play Later”. There is no easy solution, just make it happen. Get your work done early, do it first and then go out and have some guilt free fun!
  3. Take Time to Relax: the summer semester can be intense because the courses tend to be condensed into a smaller timeframe; however don’t say no to camping trips, concerts or events because you have homework. Make a plan to get your homework done before or during the event. Homework on the run and in fun locations!
  4. Make Studying Fun: have a “homework party” with friends where you agree to what needs to be accomplished (make a plan) and mix in a little socializing. Also, study somewhere interesting like a park, beach, campsite or café. Blend a cool location with homework so that you are still getting out and socializing.
  5. Motivation & Balance: sometimes a routine can help you stay on track. Here are some simple ways to make you feel like you are “on top” of your life: make your bed everyday, make time to eat breakfast and get out of your PJ’s and get dressed. Simple tricks that visually and physically help you to get into a state of mind that tells you “I got this handled”.

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Dr. Heather Drummond, C.Psych.

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