Goal Setting: Pain + Fun = Motivation

Motivation Recipe

Last week I started talking about Goal Setting and the important philosophy of “Work First; Play Later”; maintaining a balance of both. I can talk to you about the mechanics of setting S.M.A.R.T goals which is good, and you should check out one of my earlier blogs around this process: CLICK ME; however, the reality is that goals are met with perseverance. So many things can get in the way of you sticking to your goals. I am pretty awesome at setting goals…I have a whole bunch of bucket list goals! Sometimes I am not so awesome at actually making it happen, especially when I only tried the painful route (no fun route…ugh!). It really comes down to strategies that work with what increases your motivation, understanding what makes you procrastinate and how to boost your self-esteem. I will blog more about these areas in the next few weeks.

I have pretty much mastered the art of working in cafés…I love love love cafés! Mixing fun with pain gives me something to look forward to and I can get pretty much any work done in this wonderful environment. You cannot achieve your goals if you are not getting stuff done, so mix in some fun and get moving! Here are my three favourite pain mixing haunts where you will find me wrestling with my motivation in a fun way (Locke Street):


Mulberry Coffee House

Jonny’s Coffee

If you find me here, please come over for a chat.

I always love the connection with people far more than unpleasant work!

You would not be interrupting at all.

The final draft of this blog was completed at : The Good Neighbour (Toronto)

Crowd Sourcing Time!

I would love to hear about cafés that you love. Even if you are not a Mohawk College student, even if you don’t even live in Canada…please send along pictures of cafés you love to work in. I am making a travel list 🙂

I will post a compilation of your wonderful suggestions.

Keep sending in your “Fight Songs“. I do want to hear from you!


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