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Breaking Up With Stress: A Stress Management Series to Help You Dump that $#%? From Your Life!

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If you are anything like me, and the thousands of other people, you are probably very familiar with stress. You have been dating for a while now. It is a familiar and weirdly comfortable relationship, but it can get a wee bit abusive sometimes. Shall we start with some relationship counselling to get stress to smarten up?

To be completely honest with you…don’t shoot the messenger!!!…stress will always be a part of your life, even if you divorce it 😉 We just need to decide if we are BFF’s, acquaintances or, at least, healthy mature partners. Since stress is a stalker and a creeper, we may as well get friendly with that little devil if it is going to be in our lives.

I started thinking this week about what interventions I do in counselling sessions to help people understand, manage and reduce stress. So, I put this nifty little graphic together  (below) to help conceptualize the facets of stress. The way I see stress management/reduction is in a step-by-step process starting with Stress Knowledge (or at least a process of practice in all 5 areas). It is so important to understand what stress is neurologically and physiologically. Knowing what this horrible feeling is shows you that you are actually very normal and just an over-achiever 😉 The reaction is very functional and helpful in our survival but when we over use it, it becomes a pain in the &$$ in our life. Over the next few weeks I will slowly hand feed you (so I don’t stress you!) with some stress relationship advice and strategies to help you repair your relationship with stress. Each post will have a little bit of Stress Knowledge, some Self-Awareness strategies to help make this process personal to you, some strategies to kick your brain’s butt and develop a stress busting Attitude and a side of some Coping Skills to help you communicate better in your relationship with stress.

Stress 101: Some Knowledge to Empower You

How Stress Effects Your Brain


Signs of Stress

Everyone reacts to stress differently. However, some common signs and symptoms of the fight or flight response include:

Self-Awareness: Personality and Stress

Take This Quiz: CLICK HERE

Check This Out: Stress Tips for Your Personality Temperament

Positive Mental State

Try a Guided Meditation – 20 Minutes 


5 Steps on How to Build Resilience

Coping Skills: Breaking Up with Stress

…or at least repairing the relationship…

Your relationship with stress can change.

Be patient, lean in, try new strategies and shape the life you want.


Dr. Heather Drummond,  C.Psych.

Psychologist * Passionate Advocate for Flourishing * A Human Muddling Through


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