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Change Lives With Koru!

Mohawk College is joining a growing Koru community of more than

10,000 students at over 100 institutions.

What is Koru?

  • Koru is the Maori word for the unfurling fern frond, and captures the representation of balance between growth and stability. This course, consisting of four classes, is designed to teach mindfulness and meditation skills.
  • Koru Mindfulness is the only evidence-based, mindfulness curriculum designed for college-aged adults.
  • In four weeks, students learn practical skills that help them manage stress and open their minds.

Why Koru?

  • As a positive mental health initiative you will learn evidence based skills that can help you manage stress, sleep better, develop stronger self-esteem, foster resilience and manage academic demands better.

Students report: 

    • Experiencing less stress and more calm.
      “I am worrying less and enjoying myself more since starting Koru. I’ve gotten better at staying focused in the present, and I don’t feel so stressed all the time.”
    • Improving their ability to be present and mindful. “I have found that mindfulness has pervaded my life. On and off I realize that my mind is spinning, and it has become much easier for me to take some breaths and bring my mind back to the present.”
    • Improving sleep and feeling more rested.“It’s so much easier to fall asleep now that I have techniques for quieting my mind.”
    • Reducing self-judgment and increasing self-compassion.“Before I took Koru, I never noticed how much time I spent lost in negative thoughts about myself. I think the biggest change for me since taking Koru is I’m not so hard on myself any more. It makes everything a whole lot easier.”

KoruPlease contact heather.drummond@bell.net if you are interested in participating in a Koru Mindfulness workshop series.

For Students Participating in Koru…


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Want to Sample Before You Buy? Check This Out!


Unplugged Event

I ran an event at Mohawk College. Below are audio samples!

Mindfulness Unplugged Card - Front

Mindfulness Unplugged Card - Back

If you missed this event, I have uploaded the files for you to have the opportunity to sample the brain changing power of mindfulness meditation:

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Here are three different kinds of mindfulness meditations that you can experience. Some people find that some work better than others for them. Find out what works for you!


Body Scan

Loving Kindness

If you are a Mohawk College Student who participated in this event, and you are participating in the Changing Minds Project, you can get points for your participation! Just complete the Activity Recording Sheet in elearn and put it in the eLearn dropbox for “Other” (On/Off Campus).

For those of you who missed the event, listen to all 4 tracks above and follow the same directions.


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