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In my practice I offer Psychological Wellbeing Services and Personal Development ServicesBoth services are neuroscience research supported, and are designed and delivered through the Bio-Psycho-Social mental health lens.

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Wild Women Group! 

Re-wild yourself by connecting to who you really are and integrating body, emotions, and mind for powerful expression in the world. What if you were rooted in who you are, what if you were able to create the manual to “your brain”, what if you were able to live your best life? 

In Development – Coming Soon! Summer of 2022 …if you are interested, let me know! 

Some possible experiences… 

These are just a few of the ideas that are starting to shape this group who will lean into their life together toward living their best life. If you are a wellbeing practitioner that would like to partner with me, let me know!

*Please ask, if there is a theme that you are interested in that is not listed, I am happy to customize, and personalize, a workshop for your group. I have been teaching and facilitating in various capacities, on many topics, since 1987. Happy to work together 🙂

Our mental health and well-being depends on…

the things that happen to us,

how we make sense of those events

and how we respond to them.

Dr. Peter Kinderman

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