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Psychological Wellbeing

Give yourself the gift of a more psychotherapeutic approach to mental health and wellbeing, through personal psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapy is a way of taking care of your brain, just the same as you take care of your body through healthy eating and exercise.

How to Book an Appointment:

You can book online and in-person appointments by contacting me directly using my contact form, or book yourself right into my calendar using my secure online platform Owl Practice. You will first register and then you will have access to my booking calendar.

*In-person appointments are unavailable at this time. In the future, they will be available in the Bloor West Village area of Toronto.

More About Me as a Psychotherapist:

I am an experienced registered Psychotherapist who has been specializing in an evidence-based integrated psychotherapy practice for over 24 years. I deliver my services, both online and in office, with care and compassion and in a well-informed manner, intuitively working with clients to address areas of their life that require attention. I offer individual therapy and psycho-educational workshops where I strive to create a safe and accepting environment for my clients to explore life issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, self-esteem, chronic stress and relationship challenges.

The primary psychotherapeutic approaches that I am trained in, and integrate into my practise, are the following:

The quote that best describes my approach to mental health and psychological wellbeing is “the good life is a process, not a destination” by Carl Rogers.

The process of living a good life, maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing, is to explore your emotional struggle, not avoid it, learning strategies for coping that work for you, applying them in your life to move closer, and closer, to living your best life. It is hard work, really hard work; however, shifting to better ways of being in your life, is a very worthwhile continuous endeavour. Taking care of your brain is the same as taking care of your body, it gets easier with self-knowledge, time, self-compassion, patience and practice.

I cherish the opportunity to work with you on your personal journey!

If you are curious, want more information, here is my verified Psychology Today profile 🙂

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