Shop Local!

Hey Swansea, Junction and Bloor West Villagers!

Let’s help support our local businesses by shopping local when we can. We have small businesses who are doing a great job to keep us safe while shopping. Let’s help them too!

The reason why I care is because, as a mental health professional, I know how important sustainable employment positively impacts mental health. It provides a sense of meaning and purpose, accomplishment, self-esteem, connection to the community and the ability to financially cover basic needs for living.

If you know of any local businesses, offering online, take out, delivery or a safe shopping experience, please use the form below to let me know!

 I will include it all here to support our local businesses,

and their mental health and wellbeing 🙂

Food from the Street

Take Out, Delivery & Groceries

Take Out & Delivery:

    • Order Girl Guide Cookies from a Swansea Girl Guide! – Coming soon 🙂
    • Gato: Menu | Wood Oven Pizza Deal | Pick-up | Call Ahead *You can get a bottle of wine here 🙂
    • Otoro Sushi: Order Online| Pick up (20% discount) & Delivery Services
    • Bonjook Cafe & Cuisine: MenuSkip-the-Dishes & Pick-up| Lattes!
    • Simply Thai: Menu |Take Out & Delivery
    • Bukhara Grill: Order Online | Take Out & Delivery
    • Flame: Web Page | 416-762-6200 | Order directly | DoorDash |Ubereats
    • Fox & John’s Pub and Restaurant: UberEats | Free Delivery on orders over $20

Grocery Pick-up/Drop-off Services:

    • Curious About Wait Times at Grocery Stores? Check the Lines
    • Rowe Farms: Order Online | Delivery
    • Bulk Barn: Web Page | Order Ahead & Pick Up
    • Carload Food Market: Web Page | Order Online & Delivery
    • Fresh & Wild: Web Page | Curb-side Pick-up or Delivery | Email them!
    • Snapper’s Fish Market: Web Page | Special Orders – Contact Them
    • Canary & Fox Micro Market: Web Page | Delivery $6 for min $30 Spent

Important Beverages:

    • The Coffee Tree: Order Online | Pick up & Delivery of Coffee Beans
    • The Wine Shop: Order Online| Call: 1-866-440-4383
    • Baka Gallery Cafe: Email Your Order | Order Coffee Beans
    • Indie Ale House: Order Online | Delivery | “Indie Staff Fund” for laid off workers
    • Craft Breweries that Deliver! Compilation (Google Doc)


This is the time to learn something new, volunteer, entertain the kids and maybe get in shape!

Virtual Exercise:

Online Music Teachers:

Online Children’s Entertainment:

    • MakerKids: Web Page | Virtual Weekly Programs

Online Tutors:

Community Volunteering:

Emergency Repairs:

Goods from the Hood

    • Book City: Order Online | 3-5 Days Delivery |Free Delivery with $100+
    • Moonbeam Books: Order Online | Free, Next Day Local Delivery!
    • Marlborough’s: Web Page | Contact them! A Swansea resident shared that the owner FaceTimed her to show different crafts and activities and then delivered the package to her house that afternoon!
    • Children’s Yoga Mats: Web Page | Email Liesbeth for more Info on local orders!
    • Trixie: Order Online
    • Buck’s Hard Goods: Order Online
    • Linen World: Webpage |They Deliver! | Place Your Order: 416-769-2294
    • Nexus Printing & Signs: Web Page | Email Orders & Pick up
    • Pretty Clean Shop: Web Page | Largest selection of zero-waste and refillable products for the body, skin, hair and home. Cruelty and toxin free.

Send along your additions for Swansea, Junction & Bloor West area community businesses!