Changing Minds Project

I have a strong passion for helping people on their journey to living their best life, either working through a personal crisis, or difficulty, or wanting to find better ways of being in their life. It is such a privilege for me to demystify mental health by helping people to understand what their brain is doing and developing the coping skills that help to navigate the inevitable life challenges that result in varied experiences of psychological distress. All humans experience psychological distress at some point in their life. Sometimes the demands just exceed our skill set at the time.

Over that past 24 years of my career in mental health and wellbeing, I have come to discover that there are so many aspects in life that support our mental health and wellbeing. This project is my way of helping to expand then lens of mental health to include all of the areas that support positive mental health. Mental health is like, and is, physical health, both are connected. Adjusting our lens to include all the Biological, Sociological and Psychological factors that intersect, can help reduce the stigma associated with mental health and can offer so many alternatives in fostering mental health and wellbeing.

I will be offering workshops, person counselling appointments (on-line & in-person), coaching (EQ-i & Career) and blog posts that can help you foster your mental health and wellbeing through various, research supported, Bio-Psycho-Social ways.

I recently completed a pilot study @ Mohawk College, the Changing Minds Study, which I designed to explore proactive campus mental health interventions.

The results were phenomenal! 

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This is why, I decided to take this Bio-Psycho-Social approach to mental health and wellbeing to my community, by offering personalized services and workshops.

Check out my blog, Psychological Wellbeing Services and Personal Development Services. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want to book a counselling appointment or are interested in signing up for a workshop :).

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